Monday, August 22, 2011

A Sad Summer Of Rain

Well anyone living in British Columbia, Canada will let you know that this has been the worst summer for a long time... Makes my second guess global warming to tell you the truth. We flooded up here in the Peace Region twice in two weeks, completely wiping out the Pine Pass and trapping all of Northern B.C. up here in the tullies. Anyhow both trips that I had planned one being the East Pine River (Chetwynd B.C.) and McGregor River(Prince George B.C.) were cancelled. I figure you don't go sledding in avalanche season so why canoodle in a flood. Here is just a little map to McGregor River since I have no photos of my own to post. Work on 'Big Red' has come to a halt since funds are low but one day it will come to pass.