Thursday, July 22, 2010

Kinuseo Falls to Tumbler Ridge

Here are some of the rated 'G' photos from our trip. Kinuseo Falls to Tumbler Ridge via the Murray River, British Columbia.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Project Canoe #2

This is the next project 'Big Red'. This canoe was given to me by Karen (my mother's friend who named 'The Bismark'). It is a wood and canvas canoe, so far as I understand the canoe needs to be re-canvased and the inside needs a strip and stain. All of the inside pieces (yes I know they have a technical name and no I don't know what that name is) seem to be in very good condition. But unfortunately I will not have time to accomplish this task before Canoodling 2010. So I think I'm going to use some marine goo and hit the nasty spots and give Liane and Kirsten a bucket to bail. 8 days and counting.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Painting Done

So here it is! painting finished! It was an interesting endeavor paining smooth, slow, even... damn bug! Seriously what is it about fresh paint that just makes bugs want to land on it. Oh well that's my contribution to science I suppose (kinda like Jurassic Park...). All that's left to do is install the cup holders, the new seat pads (and back rest for Andi), than find some really cool decals at Canadian Tire. I think I may put a pirate flag on to, just for good measure. Any ideas just leave a comment below... what kind of decals should I buy?

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Getting Into Gear

Ok with Canoodling 2010 a mere two weeks away I really need to kick it into gear if I'm going to finish 'The Bismark' never mind getting started on 'Big Red'. I have some really cool marine goo that I'm sealing all the seams with than all I have to do is paint, install cup holders, install seat pads, spray paint the inside... I think I should be outside right now.