Thursday, June 24, 2010

Moving On

Alright so I have been stripping the canoe over the last couple days and thank goodness for the wire brushes that connect to the drill, otherwise I would never have finished! So as far as I know I need to go out and buy some epoxy to reseal the joints and I can move on to more important things (like picking a colour and decals). One of the things that make 'The Bismark' such an awesome canoe is the fact that you can't tip it over (no matter how much beer you consume). This I believe has something to do with the flotation devices attached to the sides. I have removed them so I could strip the paint and (with no surprise) they are on their last leg. But I believe that one of those noodles you can buy at Wal-Mart cut in half would work perfectly. The more I gaze lovingly at 'The Bismark' the more I want to attach a pirate flag... but that could be saved for a later post.

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