Thursday, June 17, 2010

Paint Stripping

So I have started preping 'The Bismark' for painting. I have a feeling in my gut that this will take a long time. But since Canoodling 2010 (Murray River out of Tumbler Ridge, B.C.)is only a month away I suppose the house work can wait til the canoe is done (I wonder how my husband feels about that?). Before I started stripping the paint I spent a couple hours removing (with no exaggeration) tubes of poorly applied caulking. To remove the caulking I used a scraper and my fingernails (insert grouchy face). I'm just using a hardware store stripper called Circa 1850 to remove the original paint. There were a number of reasons why I shouldn't do this posted around the internet, but... I'm not worried about the residue because I will be polishing and cleaning the surface of 'The Bismark', and I'm working outside, so a good ol' Northern B.C. sandblast will help. I bought a couple wire disks for the angle grinder so I can work around the rivets (and into the deeper dents). Well the sun is shining today so I will get back to work and post some photos tonight.

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